4.00/5.00 Finance

Chris Griffin reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Great "

I really appreciate that TermsFeed hosts the Terms of Service agreement for us. Honestly, it was a great experience and it looks great.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Tyson Smity reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Awesome "

The experience for me was very good. The process was simple and I was able to make the modifications required for the site.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Platinum Bonnie reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Helpful "

TermsFeed was incredibly helpful and easy to navigate! The fees seemed quite fair. Great service so far!

3.00/5.00 Finance

Orland Yenen reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Not Bad"

Not bad but much fees

5.00/5.00 Finance

Jason Wingert reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Great "

This was the first time I've used termsfeed and I found it really easy and valuable. Thanks.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Emily Nicoland reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Balanced Experience "

Made withdrawals very very easy

5.00/5.00 Finance

Stephen Holand reviewed Swingmarketscfd


It was great! Really smooth and easy going platform

5.00/5.00 Finance

Abdul Almakura reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Great Experience "

Very good broker with great leveraging

5.00/5.00 Finance

Joshua Ozia reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Good Experience "

Yeah I definitely got what I need from TermFeed. I was reading through and I think it captures what I was looking for.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Abdel Muktar reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Nice Broker"

Yeah I loved the whole process. I thought I wanted to write my disclaimer myself but once I saw your generator I was so grateful I had no hesitation to buy it.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Justine Lloyd reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Helpful In Walking Me Through The Process Of Understanding"

It was my first time using Stockholmholdings and the customer service was outstanding. They answered every question I had and then answered more that I hadn't even thought about. Extremely helpful in walking me through the process of understanding

4.00/5.00 Finance

Hulda Williamson reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Sometimes Painful, The End Was Well Worth It"

I read and heard a lot of things about Stockholmholdings . Most of what I read here was not good. I want to tell you my experience was very good. I started trading from home during the pandemic. I was able to trade and earn upto 70% with Stockholmholdings within 24 hours. Request withdrawals 12th of december and today, Dec 13th. I received my earning to my account- communicated very well, answered all of my questions and every email in a timely manner. We live in the Springfield, MO area and the service and experience was great. on the 13th, about two hours after the withdrawal request process my withdrawal was approved in few minutes. I was very impressed. . $72,000 payments was complete experience. Although the process was lengthy and repetitive and sometimes painful, the end was well worth it

5.00/5.00 Finance

Ludie Ernser reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Their Rates Are Good Plus Their Bonus"

Their rates are good plus their bonus when offered. Help is very good... I like them. Interest is paid, and you always have full access to your funds even if you should close the account.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Birdie Anderson reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Withdrawals Paid On Time Few Minutes "

I have two Stockholmholdings accounts that I've had for a year. Withdrawals paid on time few minutes after the withdrawal request and early in the cycle. I haven't had problems with them i will recommend Stockholmholdings.

2.00/5.00 Finance

Elsie Mason reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Would Use Them Again For Sure."

We bought our home with our earning. The trading process was painless and helpful. and answered all our questions. The best thing was we did not have to wait long for our withdrawal just few minutes yo be approved.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Ivanna Caballero reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Would Recommend Them."

To be honest, with all the bad news publicity Stockholmholdings has gotten in the recent past I wasn't too excited about them. However, I have had nothing but positive experiences with Stockholmholdings from the initial (to lower interest rate) and the on-line site is user friendly. I would recommend them.

3.00/5.00 Finance

Paula Angulo reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Stockholmholdings Is Easy"

Stockholmholdings is easy and great. Customer service hours and response since I started with them has been great. Website provides easy way to withdraw and manage automatic payment.

2.00/5.00 Finance

Ivanna Urrutia reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Super Easy As Well."

Easy process. Always someone knowledgeable to talk to. When I wanted to withdraw my payment they made it very easy and fast 10 minutes. Over all easy to trade using them. super easy as well.

2.00/5.00 Finance

Aurica Alexa reviewed Stockholmholdings

" I Would Definitely Recommend Them"

First of all, this company offers some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. They're patient and professional with every question, take our concerns seriously, and usually try to accommodate us as best they can. Their rates are pretty good, trading option makes things easier. I would definitely recommend them.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Ivona Dobrescu reviewed Stockholmholdings

"I've Had 200k Account Invested"

I've had 200k account invested with Stockholmholdings, and been delighted every time with the service, their transparency, and the fact they're such a huge company they are watched closely by all the federal regulatory agencies. Makes for a more professional, happy experience.