4.00/5.00 Finance

Chaya Pfeffer reviewed Stockholmholding

"I Am Very Pleased With Stockholmholding"

I am very pleased with Stockholmholding

3.00/5.00 Finance

Rachelle Purdy reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Stockholmholdings Service"

I can’t say enough about Stockholmholdings, the service is amazing. my manager was an absolute gem, so patient explaining all my options. Never pushy and full of knowledge that helped me understand the importance of diversifying. I’m so happy with Stockholmholdings service.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Clemmie Rempel reviewed Stockholmholdings


Helpful, easy to reach, friendly. We have been lucky bought a new car with my earning. There were no problems my withdrawal is quick taken care of. I would recommend Stockholmholdings.

3.00/5.00 Finance

Sydni Rau reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Dependable Company"

My family has used Stockholmholdings for years because they have always taking care of my family and kids and I will always respect them for the great service that they provide. I like that they seem to care and that they are a dependable company. I have been very satisfied with the product

4.00/5.00 Finance

Reid Bartell reviewed Stockholmholdings


Overall, the experience has been satisfactory.

3.00/5.00 Finance

Myah Medhurst reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Much Better"

Love the alerts, 2 factor authentication and the great user interface. Was using another company and I find Stockholmholdings much better and less costly than the competition. Family monitoring is a definite plus. I would highly recommend to friends and family.

5.00/5.00 Banking

Francesco Montagnese reviewed Legacy-apex

"Very Easy Service "

"You've saved our business! I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Legacy-apex.com . I like Legacy-apex.com more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier."

5.00/5.00 Finance

William Parker reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Excellent Broker "

Great leverage l, Excellent customer service. You guys are the best!

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Buster Hoy reviewed Swingmarketscfd


Thank you for such a fast response. I will definitely remember TermsFeed if I need something in the future.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Steven Brooks reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Wow, That Was One Of The Quickest Replies! I Really Appreciate It. "

I currently don't need any changes, but it's good to know you'll be able to assist, and that later on I'll be able to do it myself.

2.00/5.00 Finance

Graziano Longo reviewed Stockholmholdings

"I Learned A Lot"

Stockholmholdings ** was an AMAZING help for me. Everything well, was patient, empathetic, and had a great wealth of experience and knowledge. I learned a lot of about my situation, what I can do, and feel so relieved with going with this path . Thanks Stockholmholdings

4.00/5.00 Finance

Maybell Rohan reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Rep Was Pretty Good."

I was trying to get consolidated and somebody recommended Stockholmholdings to me. I also checked out them and it was all hitting around the same kind of mob. With the Coronavirus, a lot of are things going on right now. It’s not even close to normal times. I tried one or two before I changed my mind. I then tried to get back to work and didn’t get back working. I said that I’d go ahead and hopefully, I could get back to my feet and get it. Stockholmholdings rep was pretty good.

3.00/5.00 Finance

Theron Lindgren reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Every Monday Is A Pay Day"

Everyone I spoke with was compassionate, supportive and responded to all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. extremely informative and competent! I had no negative issues with Stockholmholdings Inc. Smiling to the bank. Every Monday is a pay day for me. Hurray

2.00/5.00 Finance

Pat Feil reviewed Stockholmholdings

"A Friend Had Recommended Stockholmholdings Services"

A friend had recommended Stockholmholdings Services. She had success and knew of someone else too that gave her their name. I wasn't able to pay my monthly credit . Then my husband and I separated so things got even tighter for my budget. This really slashed my payments by more than half with the three credit . If I totaled up for the month of what was wanted, car repairs and all that took precedent, I had to do something, and Stockholmholdings all put it in a payment for me.

3.00/5.00 Finance

Pierce Friesen reviewed Stockholmholdings


My experience with Stockholmholdings has been wonderful. I found them online and talked to somebody, and they seemed reputable. I have been working with them since and today am debt-free. They handled everything very professionally and helped me with everything that came through.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Hugh Von reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Respect That We've Gained."

Stockholmholdings process was very easy and efficient. At this time, it's is gonna be our third month in it. They already made me settle with them and that seems to be going very well. Everybody I've dealt with at Stockholmholdings has been absolutely amazing, very reassuring, and competent that they could help us. They've been very concerned with how we were feeling about the process. They've stayed in contact with us. long we've been in it so far by checking in and asking us if we had any new questions, emailing us with their progress, and discussing what to expect in the future. They've been very helpful in coaching us on how to deal with them, on what to say, and on the process that we need to follow. I've been very happy with the results so far and I'm very happy with the respect that we've gained.

1.00/5.00 Finance

Darrick Reilly reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Communicate Effectively"

Everything went really well with Stockholmholdings but they could improve with their ability to communicate effectively

3.00/5.00 Finance

Andrew Cremin reviewed Stockholmholdings


We had an EXCELLENT experience with Stockholmholdings! Everyone we worked with was great! The customer service went above and beyond!! Our calls and emails were always returned promptly never tired of my many questions! Thank you Stockholmholdings!!

5.00/5.00 Finance

Christine Allen reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Thanks For Your Very Fast Response And Action "

Top-notch service.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Barry Glim reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Great Platform "

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