4.00/5.00 Finance

Irene Cunningham reviewed Market stocks pro

"The Platform Is Good So Far.However It…"

The platform is good so far.However it would be great if they make it to switch between different screens or workspaces.The ability to expand the trade screen when using laptop or tablet is limited.Hope it gets more platform features

4.00/5.00 Finance

Lona Ingham reviewed Market stocks pro

"Market Stocks Pro Is Extremely User Friendly And…"

Market stocks pro is extremely user friendly and easy to both read and use as a new trader. It also offers many ways to help understand the platform and financial strategies through both written articles and video training.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Andrew Autry reviewed Market stocks pro

"Just Getting Started With Your…"

Just getting started with your platform, but would really like to see a loss stop order setup . You have a profit out setting, a loss out setting is needed. Thank you

5.00/5.00 Finance

Gilbert Holloway reviewed Market stocks pro

"Market Stocks Pro Is Such A Good Trading Platform"

Market stocks pro is such a good trading platform, they have many features that other platforms don't, you can trade with confidence knowing that with the right tade comes a great profit, Totally Awesome!

3.00/5.00 Finance

Anne McCall reviewed Market stocks pro

"Getting Started With Market Stocks Pro "

All my questions or concerns have been promptly and professionally handled. The market stocks pro team is sharp and knowledgeable.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Jenny Tidwell reviewed Market stocks pro

"I Have Had Experience With 6-7 Other…"

I have had experience with 6-7 other platforms and could never understand how they get away with being so bad with customer service. As soon as I signed up for market stocks pro, a customer service rep call me without me reporting a problem just to see how things are going. Then I did have an account issue and Sophie was incredible and got things fixed super fast.

3.00/5.00 Finance

Norman Reese reviewed Market stocks pro

"Appreciated The Call "

Appreciated the call from the representative letting me know about the learning as I am new to trading. he also inquired as to how I liked the platform- very helpful and I believe that good follow through is important

3.00/5.00 Finance

Manuel Lareau reviewed Market stocks pro

"Beginner Friendly"

Market stocks pro is very beginner friendly. It also offers unique trading options such as Knock Outs and Binar Options.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Robert L Atkins reviewed Market stocks pro

"No Complaints Besides Wish There We…5 Stars!"

No complaints besides wish there we more contracts lol. Your guess brokerage service has been by far the best one I have used in my year of trading.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Alberto K Johnson reviewed Market stocks pro

"Love It"

Market stocks pro is an easy to use platform. One thing that I love about it is the training modules that are available for beginners. They definitely position its members for success. I recommend anyone interested in investing to leverage this platform and to take advantage of the training aids available

5.00/5.00 Finance

Jessica Ward reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Always Easy"

Always easy to contact, polite and no hidden fees, they wish you a happy birthday, help is great. Documents are very easy to understand and access. Great experience. Their website is one of the best laid out and easy to navigate. I have ever used and I very highly recommend this company. Stockholmholdings

2.00/5.00 Finance

Melissa Carter reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Very Satisfied"

I love the fact that they don't charge for transactions. Have been using this service for the last couples of month. I am very satisfied. I have Recommended Stockholmholdings to most of my relatives and they are very satisfied too.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Olivia Rogers reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Highly Recommend Them"

They are always accessible, always right. Trades are done quickly and with good prices. I would highly recommend them.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Birdie Anderson reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Withdrawals Paid On Time Few Minutes "

I have two Stockholmholdings accounts that I've had for a year. Withdrawals paid on time few minutes after the withdrawal request and early in the cycle. I haven't had problems with them i will recommend Stockholmholdings.

2.00/5.00 Finance

Elsie Mason reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Would Use Them Again For Sure."

We bought our home with our earning. The trading process was painless and helpful. and answered all our questions. The best thing was we did not have to wait long for our withdrawal just few minutes yo be approved.

2.00/5.00 Finance

Aurica Alexa reviewed Stockholmholdings

" I Would Definitely Recommend Them"

First of all, this company offers some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. They're patient and professional with every question, take our concerns seriously, and usually try to accommodate us as best they can. Their rates are pretty good, trading option makes things easier. I would definitely recommend them.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Kabelo Zulu reviewed Stockholmholdings

"I’ve Gained Capabilities"

With so many broker available today in the financial coaching and mentoring, I was grateful to have discovered Stockholmholdings early in 2019. With Stockholmholdings authentic direction and instruction I ramped up really quickly! Since reading some of remarkable mindset, I’ve gained capabilities that have transformed my life. Stockholmholdings expertise was essential in growing financially with no end in sight. Thank you, for all you do for clients you guys laser focused on helping get to their next, better level of life. I recommend them.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Ashley Naidu reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Hope To Maintain A Long Term Buisness Relationship In The Future."

live chat is really helpful * was a pleasure to trade with Stockholmholdings. sincere, broker courteous and professional. I would be proud to recommend Stockholmholdings to my friends and family.. I am most pleased with the service and hope to maintain a long term buisness relationship in the future.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Geraldine Ziemann reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Excellent With Stockholmholdings"

Excellent with Stockholmholdings has been excellent. Great customer service. Always keep in touch. I would recommend them to anyone looking to invest in the financial market portfolio. Thank You.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Dakota Light reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Stockholmholdings Thanks "