3.00/5.00 Finance

Dorothy Brown reviewed Market stocks pro

"Great Trading Option But Missing Few…"

Great trading option but missing few improvements to get the 5 stars like better and more technical indicator/chart tools and the possibility for stop loss in order to better manage the risk on the trades.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Thomas Stanley reviewed Market stocks pro

"GeT SoMe"

I love the market stocks pro platform I’ve never been so amazed at something in my life I took $300 and ran it up to $18,000 all in a matter of a week I may have lost a little bit back but I have cashed out plenty and I can tell you right now if you have a decent eye for technical analysis you'll love you some market stocks pro too!!

5.00/5.00 Finance

Sharon Turgeon reviewed Market stocks pro

"Stop Loss Feature Integration"

Everything is great and I love using the Nadex platform but there really needs to be a stop loss feature integrated in place for the binary options. If a stop loss feature where you could easily express the price per contract you want your trade to close out at automatically in case the market goes against you that would be ideal. Please look into this for us traders. Thank you

4.00/5.00 Finance

Tammy Lane reviewed Market stocks pro

"Market Stocks Pro Is Great "

Market stocks pro is great! You always do a good job. I am a small investor so you have given me the opportunity to trade markets I normally could not trade such as crude oil. Also, I do have to be worried about the pattern day trade rules. Thank you again

4.00/5.00 Finance

Helen Babin reviewed Market stocks pro

"Market Stocks Pro Is The Perfect Platform For Me"

Market stocks pro is the perfect platform for me. I am 73 and always wanted to try day trading but did not want to end up in penury in the process. Market stocks pro offers all the excitement of various lengths of trades with no margin calls and defined risk. The people I've talked to have been helpful beyond the requirements of their jobs. The videos and daily updates are wonderful. I have and will continue to recommend market stocks pro to anyone who is interested in trading.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Travis Ransom reviewed Market stocks pro

"Overall I Am Pleased With The Site And…"

Overall I am pleased with the site and services you provide. It is a very profitable trading vehicle for me. I have reported an issue with the new platform and being able to accurately download data. Also, while the brackets do set limits, I would appreciate the ability to set limit orders within brackets.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Kevin Hart reviewed Market stocks pro

"Great Platform To Use And Trade"

Great platform to use and trade. Market stocks pro provide training and webinars to people in all kind of experience to show how to trade using their platform. The educationally section is very helpful with useful resources to use and attend webinars and get answers to any questions investor may have. The customer service is very helpful.

3.00/5.00 Finance

Tracy Hargrave reviewed Market stocks pro

"I Like The Platform "

I like this platform. The experience as a trader is great!!! Is it possible a lower commission?

5.00/5.00 Finance

Todd King reviewed Market stocks pro

"Market Stocks Pro Has Been A Breath Of Fresh Air In…"

Market stocks pro has been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise difficult to navigate industry. I've only experienced honest and transparent service and payouts have been prompt, even to an international client. I highly recommend market stocks pro to any trader looking to exploit the products they offer.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Louise Hill reviewed Market stocks pro

"Trustworthy And Secure- I’ve Always Had…"

Trustworthy and secure- I’ve always had good experiences with market stocks pro. I love the limited risk with their contracts and knowing ahead of time what I’ll be risking vs what potential reward there is in a trade. Also, they go out of their way to offer many training webinars. There’s no “get rich quick” scheme in trading and they let you know that. You must put in the work yourself through education and demo practice. They truly care about their traders.

4.00/5.00 Finance

David Erdmann reviewed Market stocks pro

"Best Trading Experience So Far"

Best trading experience so far. Easy to register and easy to deposit/withdraw. No issues whatsoever. 10/10

3.00/5.00 Finance

Job How reviewed Market stocks pro

"Great Network "

This platform has amazing customers service

4.00/5.00 Finance

Job Jaker reviewed Market stocks pro

"Customer Support 24/7"

Their customer support makes the software so much easier to understand and get hold of. It is very straight forward and the customer support is always there to help, in a matter of roughly 10-20 seconds.

3.00/5.00 Finance

Juliet G. Castiglia reviewed Market stocks pro

"A Really Good Broker For Day Trading"

A really good broker for day trading. It has free limit orders for orders over 200 shares. No other broker provides free limit orders for someone based in EU with hot keys setup at the moment.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Rachel R. Reinke reviewed Market stocks pro

"No Restrictions "

Having no restrictions like the PDT rule is what I love the most besides that I take great advantage of the leverage they provide. I just hope Marketstockspro web be more powerful with no lags.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Jeo V. Wetmore reviewed Market stocks pro

"The Greatest Trading Platform Yet"

I love the market stocks pro platform. It’s a big change from the other platforms I’ve used in the past. Once I learned how to navigate throughout the market stocks pro platform I was able to take some trades. I started out practicing using a demo account, then moved on to the Live platform. I gave my review 5 stars, but one feature I would like to see added is a brief tutorial about the bells and whistles of the market stocks pro platform. I will definitely be recommending market stocks pro to my friends and family.

3.00/5.00 Finance

David Mercado reviewed Market stocks pro

"Great Platform "

Great platform. It’s fair with no sketchy or shady features. It’s very intense trading, but very fun. Use money you don’t mind losing! A system of high probability trades over a long term would likely make money.

4.00/5.00 Finance

Susan M. Grace reviewed Market stocks pro

"Thanks You Market Stocks Pro Service "

Thank you market stocks pro customers service, you are all doing good service, I have much understanding about the trade. I will make sure you get more people to join market stocks pro, I am very happy.

5.00/5.00 Finance

Bonnie Barnes reviewed Market stocks pro

"Market Stocks Pro For The Win!"

I love the market stocks pro platform because of the demo and tutorials. I feel like the company is giving traders the best opportunity to be successful in live trading.

3.00/5.00 Finance

Ernest L. Jackson reviewed Market stocks pro

"Just Joined "

Just joined, but excellent first impression. Great support and clarity.