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Beth Walsh reviewed Stockholmholdings.com

"Fair To Good Trading Platform"

Stockholmholdings has decent executions and a fair to good trading platform. Their Sink or Swim platform gives live quotes, which is an excellent tool

4.00/5.00 Finance

Evie Murray reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Always Satisfied"

I use to complete quite a few trades awhile back and Stockholmholdings was always a great company to deal with. I was always satisfied with the advice I received from them and I always felt the chart were very appropriate

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Katie Holmes reviewed Stockholmholdings

"It Is Very User Friendly"

I got switched over to Stockholmholdings since my other company closed down. I was happy to see that Stockholmholdings is easy to work online and easy to understand, I am not that computer savvy, so it is very user friendly

4.00/5.00 Finance

Carrie Shaw reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Good Service And Low-cost Commissions."

Stockholmholdings has a good easy to use format. It has research tools as well as on how to use the site. They have helped online and also personal help by phone. Good service and low-cost commissions.

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Courtney Turner reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Excellent Client Relationship."

They are great and fast. I highly recommend this broker. You are welcome to check it out. They have training and good information for new clients. Excellent client relationship. Comparing to other brokers, this is the best.

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"This Is The Best"

They are great and fast. I highly recommend this broker. You are welcome to check it out. They have training and good information for new clients. Excellent client relationship. Comparing to other brokers, this is the best.

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"Always Helpful And Available."

Always helpful and available. Aided in determining what to invest in. Could interact online for better availability. Can't say enough about Stockholmholdings , now

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"Highly Recommend Them"

They are always accessible, always right. Trades are done quickly and with good prices. I would highly recommend them.

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Melissa Carter reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Very Satisfied"

I love the fact that they don't charge for transactions. Have been using this service for the last couples of month. I am very satisfied. I have Recommended Stockholmholdings to most of my relatives and they are very satisfied too.

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Jessica Ward reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Always Easy"

Always easy to contact, polite and no hidden fees, they wish you a happy birthday, help is great. Documents are very easy to understand and access. Great experience. Their website is one of the best laid out and easy to navigate. I have ever used and I very highly recommend this company. Stockholmholdings

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Steven Brooks reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Wow, That Was One Of The Quickest Replies! I Really Appreciate It. "

I currently don't need any changes, but it's good to know you'll be able to assist, and that later on I'll be able to do it myself.

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Buster Hoy reviewed Swingmarketscfd


Thank you for such a fast response. I will definitely remember TermsFeed if I need something in the future.

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William Parker reviewed Swingmarketscfd

"Excellent Broker "

Great leverage l, Excellent customer service. You guys are the best!

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Francesco Montagnese reviewed Legacy-apex

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"You've saved our business! I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Legacy-apex.com . I like Legacy-apex.com more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier."

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Myah Medhurst reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Much Better"

Love the alerts, 2 factor authentication and the great user interface. Was using another company and I find Stockholmholdings much better and less costly than the competition. Family monitoring is a definite plus. I would highly recommend to friends and family.

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Reid Bartell reviewed Stockholmholdings


Overall, the experience has been satisfactory.

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Sydni Rau reviewed Stockholmholdings

"Dependable Company"

My family has used Stockholmholdings for years because they have always taking care of my family and kids and I will always respect them for the great service that they provide. I like that they seem to care and that they are a dependable company. I have been very satisfied with the product

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Clemmie Rempel reviewed Stockholmholdings


Helpful, easy to reach, friendly. We have been lucky bought a new car with my earning. There were no problems my withdrawal is quick taken care of. I would recommend Stockholmholdings.

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"Stockholmholdings Service"

I can’t say enough about Stockholmholdings, the service is amazing. my manager was an absolute gem, so patient explaining all my options. Never pushy and full of knowledge that helped me understand the importance of diversifying. I’m so happy with Stockholmholdings service.

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"I Am Very Pleased With Stockholmholding"

I am very pleased with Stockholmholding