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4.00/5.00 Published Jan-02-2021

"Amazing Platform "

Legacy apex impressed me on multiple levels.

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Legacy-apex Bank is a full-fledged digital-only bank which is operating with a banking license. Kuda is designed for your smartphone, free of the ridiculous charges that regular bank charges, and it is also great at helping you to budget, spend smartly, and to save more.

No ATM Card Maintenance fees.
No Charges for cash withdrawals.

"No transfer fees to Other legacy-apex banks" (*we gives out two free transfer to other banks every month. After that any transfer carried out to other banks cost $10.)

Free Deposits (** Legacy-apex account holders can deposit money in over 10,000 branches across for a low charge.)

Wait first: Is this even possible? Yes, it is.

Legacy-apex would technically invest the ‘retained balances’ of monies that are kept with them, and the proceeds of the investments are used to subsidize fees such as transfer charges, card maintenance, etc, everybody is happy.

Then, you might be wondering how profitable it is for them, the truth is that they are practically doing practically what the regular banks are doing, but with less overhead costs, because they do not build branches that need maintenance and which they individual staffs with employees of different pay grades, they do not use fleets of cars to move their account officers around, etc. They invest ‘more’ in the technology that drives the fintech industry.

For Legacy-apex, they are mobile-first. This makes a lot of sense as the USA Technology market is a largely mobile dominated market. Being mobile-only is a great way to start, especially as quite a number of people do not enjoy the physical, "brick, and mortar" banking experience(stress from standing in queues, etc.).

Talking about efficiency, the flexibility of the features packed in Legacy-apex has surprised its users. Not only that, but users have also been excited by the ease and flexibility of the company’s operation.

A significant aspect of this is that you would get your Legacy-apex card delivered to your doorstep. To be clear.

While they do not run a 24/7 customer service as noted by some users, follow up responses to their messages and inquiries were swift and near-instant.

Users love a product with which they would not experience unnecessary issues. And if they do, they want to be able to resolve those issues in a jiffy. Traditional banks do not provide these, Legacy-apex does.

In fact, Hubspot reports that over 90% of customers rate an immediate response as “important” when they have a customer service issue. “Immediate” here is defined as less than 10 minutes.

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